We are all driven by something by default and we can not deny that fact. The things that drive you could be positive or negative. In fact it is only you who can decide what drives you and no one decides what is good for you.

1. Some people are driven by fear

The fear of what others say or will say about us when we err is what inhibit some of us from pursuing our goals in life. Most of us just fear in life and sometimes have not even taken time to ask ourselves what and why they do fear. They just have this undefined emotion of fear that hold them back. The sense of fear does not just hold people back but steals from them the joy, hope, stability, trust, confidence and faith that they have in God.

Those driven by fear die a hundred times before their time. What are your fear will certainly come you. What ever you fear, you attract them onto your life and puts you in a no win situation.

2. Fame

Most people are driven by fame in their youthful stages in life and never actualize it. Those who are driven by fame turn to work hard when they are obscure but when they gain popularity, most of them stop what they did to become famous. This is the main reason why a lot of stars shine for only a short time.

The one who is driven by fame will always say that β€œI want the the world to hear about me or know about me”.
People driven by fame will do anything for attention. They will sacrifice any principles and any values to be famous. The sad thing about fame is that those who are driven by it never attain it and the few who get it find it empty and oppressive and it also sends them into destructive lifestyles.

3. Money

Money is good, without it we can not do so many things on earth. The Bible does not say that money is evil. It is the love of money that I see to be another issue altogether.

There is a philosophy in life that money is the reward of your contribution in life but it is not the main thing and when you make it the main thing, you miss out in life.

Those driven by money do not mind sacrificing their relationships and their own lives/health to get it.

The issue is that when the money comes, you will need people who will love you around you or your money will not do you any good.
Remember that you can not take your money along with you and somebody who does not know how hard you worked for your money is the one who gets the chance to inherit your wealth.

4. Sexual desire

Sex is so wonderful but to be driven by it is to be the slave of what you should have been a master of.
Only a hypocrite will deny that he/she does not have it. To be driven by it is what dishonors and puts you to shame.
Those driven by sexual desire find themselves loosing the respect of society. People driven by their sexual desire are easy to manipulate and to trap.

5. Power or Control

Power as the authority to control is so sweet and glamorous. Those who are driven by power do not care about what they sacrifice for it. We see that in some parts of this world, some politicians are willing to destroy their nations for the sake of power.

Power is sweet and seductive. Many people who taste power get hooked and can not give it up without a fight.

6. Acceptance

To desire acceptance and attention is a normal human need and it lands you in serious troubles when you allow yourself to be driven by it.
Those driven by acceptance are willing to manipulate others and to burry who they really are just to get others to accept them. People driven by acceptance find themselves at the mercy of anyone who promises to give them the acceptance that they crave.

7. Greed

Those driven by greed are of no different from those driven by money. The problem with greed is that it never stops and it never has enough.
When you are driven by greed, anyone who gets in your way of your greed or getting in your ways automatically becomes an enemy who needs to destroyed by any means possible.
A greedy person never stops and what ever he/she does is aimed at enabling him/her to grasp some more.

The biggest problem with being greedy is that you end up without any love in your life and also do not get to enjoy what you amassed.

8. The fear of God

It was the fear of God that empowered Joseph in the Bible to say no to the seduction of Mrs Potiphar. It was the fear of God that enabled him to embrace his brothers who had sold him into slavery when he found them at his mercy.
To be driven by the fear of God is to be driven by wisdom.

The issue of being driven by the fear of God is that you could appear stupid to the world for most of your life, but when the reward of being driven by the fear of God becomes a reality in your life, people are left in no doubt that the path you took was superior.

Now; question:

What drove?
What drives?
Where do you think your drive will land you?

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