The best accounting software to track sales and manage inventory in real-time


We offer you with solid SME finance and accounting consultancy services through the use of computerized systems that enhance business activities to maximize shareholders’ wealth, thereby increasing the overall market share of businesses.

Accounting Software Consulting

The relevant financial reports like Income Statement, Changes in Equity, Statement of Financial Position and other information are generated automatically as you input data into the system.


  • XERO (Starter, Standard & Premium)
  • Tally erp9
  • Manager and other simple to use but secure and affordable accounting softwares accounting softwares (both desktop & cloud editions)


Discover Features That Will Save You Money & Time:

General Ledger
Cash Management
Bank Reconciliation
Expense Claims
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Estimates & Quotes
Purchase Orders
Billing & Invoicing
Credit Notes
Delivery Notes
Sales Orders
Stock & Inventory
Time & Service Billing
Billable Expenses
Fixed Asset Management
Capital Accounts
Income Statement
Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Changes in Equity
Trial Balance
VAT, GST or Sales Tax
Custom Fields
Customizable Invoices
Chart of Accounts
Journal Entries
Aged Receivables
Aged Payables
Customer Statements
Remittance Advices
Comparative Reporting
Project-based Accounting
Bank Statement Importing
Recurring Billing
Cash-basis Accounting
Accrual-basis Accounting
Departmental Accounting
Payroll Management
Manufacturing Management (Production)
Email Templates
Drill Down Reports

• Business Management Software for medium to large businesses

• Access transactional data anytime, anywhere

• Improve productivity with real-time key performance indicators and Visual Process Flows

• 360° View of your business. Manager cloud gives business owners the ability to access and view their entire business operation from one place. This integrated solution provides visibility, transparency, and collaborative communication

As your business grows, Manager cloud allows you to add extensive features and to embrace more functionality to suit your expanding business environment.

Use an end-to-end solution to keep your costs in check and to maximise profitability in a way that is faster and more efficient than your competitors.

This is a flexible solution from which you can choose the edition that suits your business best, how best to deploy it, as well as which payment options work best for you.

You can access the cloud version from your internet-connected-desktop in the office or while you’re on the road on your “mobile device”, so that you never lose touch of how your business is performing.

In order to compete in today’s fast-paced business arena, it is necessary to control costs in order to maximise profitability.

Manager cloud (Online Edition) is designed to support multiple technologies and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linus which will keep your total cost of ownership low.

By integrating sales and service Manager cloud streamlines your business’s financial management.

Optimise your sales and distribution processes with better sales management.

Streamline your whole purchasing process – from first order to last receipt – and keep records of every transaction.

Automated salary setup, basic salary, social security (SSF), fringe benefits, other income additions and income tax deductions including all payroll issues.

Analyse data, make decisions, and improve your business performance with Manager cloud’s business intelligence and reporting.

Manage your warehouse inventory in real-time: track stock, keep control over your warehouse and keep your customers happy.

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