Akufo-Addo replies Martin Amidu: Nobody interfered with your work

President Akufo-Addo has refuted claims by former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, that his decision to resign was as a result of government’s interference with his work.

According to the Presidency, the allegations by Mr. Amidu that there was “interference” following his submission of the Agyapa Royalties report to the President, are surprising since the former had stated in an earlier letter that he had remained in office due to the President’s shared commitment to the fight against corruption.

In a 9 paged letter addressed to Mr. Martin Amidu and sighted by JoyNews, Secretary to the President, Nana Bediatuo Asante explained that the interest expressed by the President after the release of the Agyapa Royalties report was only an attempt to apply the principles of natural justice by allowing the Finance Minister to have a say.

“In accordance with the constitutional standard of fairness, reasonableness, and candour, the president requested you to give the public officials in question an opportunity to comment on your findings and conclusions.

“Fidelity to the principles of fairness is a basic tenet of administrative justice. A request to comply with the rules of natural justice and fair hearing surely cannot be cited as the basis for alleging interference consequent upon which you would resign,” part of the statement read.

The statement further argued that since all letters and reports issued by the then Special Prosecutor was in the public domain and received no objection or complaint from the Presidency, it is “difficult to see in what way and in what context the President could seek to handle the matter” privately.

Find the full response from the Presidency below:


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