Ofori-Atta visited me when I was working on Agyapa Corruption Risk report – Amidu reveals

The former Special Prosecutor has revealed that the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta visited him at home when he was conducting the Corruption Risk Assessment on the Agyapa Royalty transaction.

Martin Amidu in an interview on Accra-based Citi FM, stated that the Finance Minister visitation was on Wednesday, October 21 whilst he was preparing that report.

Although, he did not disclose what they discussed, the former Special Prosecutor warned government to stop disseminating false information about his action while in office.

“The fact that you are in government doesn’t mean that when you are dissatisfied about a report, you go after the person or the fellow. The Minister of Finance has been my friend for years; why will I go for him?

“When I was writing the report, didn’t he come to this house? Was he not here on 21 October? What did I tell him? Why is he now churning our information about me and targets and all that? Should I come out? Let’s stop it and I say let’s stop it before we wash dirty linen in public,” he was categorical.

Martin Amidu on Monday tendered in a letter to resign from his post as Special Prosecutor following his appointment in 2018.

According to Mr Amidu, President Akufo-Addo was attempting to make him a “poodle” of his government and since he [Amidu] is an honourable man and a person of integrity he will refuse to let himself be compromised by partisan influence.

The President after 24 hours of receiving the letter accepted the resignation of Mr Amidu, popularly known as Citizen Vigilante, and subsequently issued a detailed reply to the concerns he raised.

In the nine-page reply, the Presidency categorically denied all the allegations the Special Prosecutor raised to explain why he wants to resign.

According to the Presidency, government did not interfere with Mr Amidu’s work, neither did it refuse to provide the necessary logistics for the Office of the Special Prosecutor to operate.

The Office of the President revealed it was rather Mr Amidu who rejected government’s accommodations, funds, and other equipment for the smooth running of the Office.

Therefore, responding the Presidency, Mr Amidu in the interview said either the attacks stop or he will be forced to protect his integrity.

“The time for reckoning has come and nobody should push me. I repeat: nobody should push me. They should tell their people, who they wrongly briefed to be telling lies about me, to stop before I decide to respond and when I decide to respond.

“I’ll do so without fear or favour, even to the extent that if my life will be taken for speaking the truth and defending the Constitution of Ghana, as by law established, I’ll do so,” he said.

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