Dr. Lartey & Driver Escape Death In An Accident

The Presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Herbert Lartey, and his driver have narrowly escaped death in an accident that occurred early Wednesday.

The vehicle in which they were travelling in veered off its lane and crashed into a Burkina Faso bound truck at Kontoso in the Upper East Region.

The candidate is in the region campaigning ahead of the December 7 polls.

Speaking about the incident, Dr. Lartey attributed the accident to tiredness at the party of his driver.

“Our around the clock campaign that has taken us through many parts of the country seems to have taken a toll on my driver. He might have been very tired but did not tell me.

“Along the way at Kontoso in the Upper West Region, he lost control and the car veered off the road, skidded into the lane of a truck that was on its way to Burkina Faso and had parts of the right side completely damaged,” Dr. Lartey said in an interview with the Daily Graphic.

He further revealed the two of them escaped unhurt but they would visit the hospital to be examined.

“There was considerable damage to the right side of the car and the fender, so the car has been rendered immovable now.

“I have just contacted the police to tow the car to either Navrongo or Bolgatanga for repairs while we continue the campaign to win more support,” he said, adding that the “near-fatal accident should have slackened my campaign rounds but the manner of support I had from people who came to the accident scene and the closeness of the elections, as well as my chances of emerging the eventual winner of the presidential election, have rather galvanised me to continue.”

By: Daily Graphic

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