I’m Not A Criminal-Nungua Dzaasetse Reacts To Land Fraud Allegation

Nungua Dzaasetse, Nii Botwe Laryea II, has rubbished the allegation of him engaging in criminal activities.

The respected traditional ruler in a statement said the allegation in the media is meant to tarnish his integrity and hard-earned reputation.

He was reacting to some media reports of him engaging in an alleged land fraudnull

His statement read: ”We write to inform, clear the air and set the facts straight to the general public about allegations circulating within the media space about an alleged shady and fraudulent land sale belonging to a Ghanaian family living in the United States of America (USA) in which Nii Botwe Laryea II and the NP- for Effia Constituency cum Deputy Energy Minister, Honourable Joseph Cudjoe were mentioned.

This is an attempt to dent the hard-earned reputation of Nii Botwe Laryea II who has been falsely reported to have sold the land again to one, Evans Takyi Menson,” the statement added.

The statement further indicated that the said video in circulation from an unknown foreign media sources through social media that indicates that the said MP ”connived with the chief to steal and vandalize a property belonging to a Ghanaian living in the USA,’is false and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

It added that the Land Fraud Unit of the Police Department has arrested four men (who are alleged to have been working for the MP) in an attempt to develop the land near Tema.

Clarifying claims against him, the chief recounted that one gentleman called T.T who happens to be a land agent paid for 8 plots of land from his family.

”Finding it difficult to get the land from the family, I offered him a land I have demarcated for development. T.T instead of the 8 plots took 23 plots. I, Nii Botwe Laryea II solicited the services of a surveyor who ascertained the actual number of plots on the land taken by R.R. It was realized that 23 plots were demarcated. An attempt to get the difference of 15 plots of land back from T.T was seemingly challenging.

He later produced six plots out of the 15 which I rejected until he produced the 15 he had kept.”

The statement said the matter is currently un der investigation by the police, adding, ”I have never ever involved myself in any fraudulent land or any other criminal deals. Please be informed my lawyers are in the process of filing law suits against Mr. Evans Takyi Mensah’s claims for damages”.

By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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