Gov’t Has Instructed NCA To Shut Down The Internet On Election Day – STRANEK

Policy think tank the Strategic Thinkers Network-Africa (STRANEK) is alleging that the government is planning to shut down the internet on Election Day.

STRANEK says it is greatly concerned about the alleged deliberate interference in internet services and the government’s plot to shut down the internet on election day.

Executive Director Nii Tetteh Tettey addressing a press conference alleged that the government intends to use the National Communication Authority (NCA) for this agenda.

“We have also had serious concerns about government through the National Communication Authority (NCA) acquiring equipment for a successful shutdown of internet access including limiting social media access.

STRANEK deems such intentions by the government as a threat to free expression and information dissemination which could be an infringement on the fundamental rights of Ghanaians as enshrined in article 21 of our 1992 constitution.”

He noted that the provision explains that the good people of Ghana have the freedom of speech and expression which includes freedom of the press and other media including social media.

To him, it is mind-boggling for the government to be engaging in authoritarian actions when this has never happened in Ghana’s fourth republican history.

“It is very important to have a free flow of information on election day so far as a free and fair elections, is concerned if government has no bad intentions. We recall how the frequency of Joy Fm was interrupted when they were broadcasting the investigative piece on the National Lotteries Authority and how some political parties have complained of major interference of media houses when their activities are being covered.”

According to him, STRANEK is aware the international community have confronted the government on it’s intentions to shut down the internet and has asked government to disembark.

“We hope government will pay heed to the international community and do the needful because actions like these are oppressive and that is against our national anthem including what we stand for.”


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