Awutu Senya Doesn’t Need Elite Politics-Analyst

Sustainable Development Expert, Michael Ebo Amoah on Rainbow Radio International 87.5Fm has said defeated Awutu Senya West MP, Hon. George Nenyi Andah Kojo has got himself to blame.

Mr. Amoah notes, constituents of that enclave with all due respect, do not need “elite politics “.

He seems to say the deputy Minister of Communication failed to stoop to the level of his people hence their beef with him and corresponding punishment.

What favoured Gizella?

Michael Ebo Amoah indicates that the umbrella of the Tetteh family of Awutu always enjoys the love of the indigenes of their late dad, Dr. Tetteh. A legacy he advised the Ghana/Hungary family must protect always. 

Still, in that very telephone interview, Mr. Amoah said in plain words that the elected female NPP MP for Mfantseman, Ophelia Mensah Hayford would only be a single term legislator.

Mrs. Hayford succeeded her assassinated husband, Hon. Mensah Hayford. Her husband was killed during the peak of the 2020/election campaign while he was on his way back home from a political assignment.

By: Daniel Asuku

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