Online drone display lights up skies for Hogmanay

The final part of a huge drone display, forming images across Scotland’s skies, is to go online later in place of outdoor Hogmanay celebrations.

Fare Well, a three-part series, sees drones travelling at speeds of 25mph at altitudes of up to 500ft (150m) and forming images including a galloping stag and a Saltire.

They were filmed in the Scottish Highlands and over Edinburgh.

Actors David Tennant, Siobhan Redmond and Lorne MacFadyen provide commentary.

The first two parts of Fare Well looked at the past year but the finale which can be viewed free at 19:00. looks to the future.

Drone lights
image captionDrones write a message in the sky above the Forth Bridge

Celestial used artificial intelligence software to choreograph the drones movement to create images by Scottish illustrator, Gary Wilson.

A poem by Scots Makar Jackie Kay is also read out in the video.

Ms Kay said: “We have had to dig doon deep this year and find new ways of being creative at the bottom of the well. And what we came up with surprised us all. Art has never been more intimate.”

John Hopkins, director of Celestial and director of Fare Well, said “For the Hogmanay commission we combined the ancient medium of poetry with our cutting-edge artistry to represent a journey from the past and into a brighter, greener, healthier future.”

Charlie Wood and Ed Bartlam, directors of Underbelly and producers of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, said: “Over the last four months, we have been innovating with an amazing creative team to design and produce this world-class event in Fare Well.”

Drone launch pads
image captionThe drones were launched from pads set up for the choreographed displays

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