Tighter measures in Belgium and Slovakia: Latest in Europe

The mayor of Russia’s capital has eased Covid restrictions on bars and office working, because he says Covid cases in Moscow are no higher than 2,000-3,000 a day. Sergei Sobyanin said bars and restaurants could reopen during the night and businesses would not have to keep 30% of workers at home.

But tighter restrictions have begun for Belgians, who are now banned from non-essential travel abroad for tourism or leisure until 1 March.Slovakia has imposed new restrictions preventing people from moving around if they cannot produce a negative PCR or antigen test. Children and over-65s are exempt.

Iceland has issued its first digital vaccination certificates to make it easier for people to travel. So far 4,800 people are eligible as they’ve had two doses – but the certificate isn’t recognised in Europe. Some EU countries like Greece want the EU to introduce them.

There’s been a quiet night in Dutch cities after three days of rioting triggered by a Covid curfew brought in at the weekend. Crowdfunding has raised more than €80,000 for a ransacked shop whose owner was reduced to tears by the damage. 

As French leaders weigh up whether to move to a third lockdown, an opinion poll for BFMTV suggests 52% are opposed to such a change and 48% in favour. France already has a national 18:00 curfew and ex-interior minister Christophe Castaner worries a new lockdown could lead some people to civil disobedience.

Spain has reported its highest number of deaths since April with 591 deaths on Tuesday and a further 36,435 cases. The infection rate is at its highest so far in the pandemic with the worst incidence in Valencia on the east coast.

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