Streamer xQc knocked offline over unpaid electricity bill

Famous Twitch streamer xQc was knocked offline during a live broadcast because he forgot to pay his electricity bill.

Felix Lengyel – to use the streamer’s real name – is a former pro esports player and one of the biggest game streaming stars on earth.

After his stream abruptly ended, he tweeted: “Forgot to pay the electricity bill.”

Lengyel is reported to be a millionaire thanks to his huge audiences on Twitch and YouTube.

But he told his followers his electricity being cut off was not a sign of any financial crisis.

“Power went down, stream did too. Will be back on later today or tomorrow,” he told fans.

“Autopay was on but my credit card limit is the same I had when I was 12 so sometimes it’s empty and payment can’t go through.

“Just Canadian bank stuff, move along.” View original tweet on Twitter

True to his word, he resumed streaming hours later – electricity apparently having been sorted. It also affected his room-mate and fellow streamer Adept.

xQc made headlines in 2018 when he was suspended from his professional sports team in the Overwatch League, for using a homophobic slur on his personal livestream – something which the League decided broke its professional code of conduct.

He was fined $2,000 and banned for four matches. 

Now aged 25, Lengyel is signed to esports group Luminosity, but streams on a daily basis as a full-time career.

His Twitch channel has more than eight million followers, and individual videos rack up hundreds of thousands of views. That success is supplemented by a strong YouTube presence, where he has one and a half million subscribers.

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