Zuma corruption trial over arms deal set for May

A corruption case against ex-President Jacob Zuma and French defence company Thales over a $2bn state arms deal will start in May, a South Africa court says.

Mr Zuma faces 16 charges , including fraud, racketeering and money laundering – all of which he denies.

Mr Zuma is accused of illegally accepting annual payments from Thales after the weapons deal took place in 1999. Mr Zuma became South Africa’s deputy president in 1999 and president a decade later.

His financial adviser, Schabir Shaikh, was found guilty of trying to solicit bribes on his behalf from the French arms firm and was jailed in 2005.

The case against Mr Zuma was dropped shortly before he ran for president in 2009.

It was postponed again last year after Thales challenged the racketeering charges. But on Tuesday a judge at the Pietermaritzburg High Court said the trial would start on 17 May.

Source: BBC

‘Govt Stops Showing Of ‘Freedom & Justice’ Movie On Corruption’

The much anticipated ‘Freedom and Justice’, movie has been banned from showing as scheduled.

The movie was scheduled to have been screened nationwide but the producers of the movie have disclosed the screenings have been banned.

According to the producers, the venues booked for the screenings were served with letters from the Ghana Tourism Authority not to show the movie.

They also disclosed they were not originally served with any letter.

The controversial movie touches on corruption and a group of young men who held politicians hostage demanding accountability.

The officials who were held hostage were forced to confess to stealing resources from the state and compromising their leadership to allow unlawful activities to go on in the country.

‘You, lie, you die’ that was the tag the young persons used to having the politicians confess to their crimes.

The movie has already generated mixed reactions among movie lovers with some already purchasing tickets to go and watch.

The producers have since apologized to the persons who have bought the tickets and promised to refund.

The educative and informative movie was written and directed by Kobi Rana and produced by Kafui Danku.

See Watch Video Below:


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Reduce Corruption In Your Second Term – Group To Nana Addo

A group calling itself Journalist Against Corruption Ghana (JAC-GH) has congratulated President Akufo-Addo for retaining his seat as the president of the republic.

The group whilst extending their congratulatory message to the president admonished him to deal with corruption to safeguard his reputation.

”Mr. President-elect, we would respectfully recommend you to advance drastic reduction of corruption to save the reputation of your office and government as a whole from being soiled as you continue your mandate.”

It added: ”As a group with the sole interest of exposing corrupt officials, we would strive at all cost to report on public officials whose quest is to cause the retrogression of your government and the state.

We would urge that should such corruption expose be laid on your table for consideration, rapid measures be taken to deal with the perpetrators according to the full rigours of the law to create public confidence and trust in your government.”

Read the full statement below


We are exceptionally glad to join civil society organisations, individuals, political parties, the clergy, and the general public to express our deepest and sincere congratulations to you for winning this year’s general elections to serve a second term as the President of the Republic of Ghana (from 7th January 2021 to 7th January, 2025).

The battle indeed has been the Lord’s for seeing Ghana through a largely successful elections last Monday, December 7, 2020, and peaceful declaration of the results.

Mr President-elect, we would respectfully recommend you to advance drastic reduction of corruption to save the reputation of your office and government as a whole from being soiled as you continue your mandate.
As a group with the sole interest of exposing corrupt officials, we would strive at all cost to report on public officials whose quest is to cause the retrogression of your government and the state.

We would urge that should such corruption expose be laid on your table for consideration, rapid measures be taken to deal with the perpetrators according to the full rigours of the law to create public confidence and trust in your government.

We wish you a successful end of your first tenure and pray that the Good LORD grant you strength to continue your next term come 7th January 2021.

Congratulations to you, President-Elect Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.
Isaac Boamah Darko

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Ghanaians No Longer Surprised By Nana’s Corruption-Mahama

The presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. John Dramani Mahama has opined that Ghanaians are no longer surprised by the eleven of corruption under President Akufo-Addo.

Speaking in an interview on Accra based Pan-Africa television, Mr. Mahama said the president has left Ghanaians numb to corruption.

He reiterated that the defunct Power Distribution Services was a “strange creature” and an avenue for corruption.null

“When they came they saw an avenue to make money for the family. You can hear Gabby [Otchere Darko’s] voice clearly negotiating shareholding in PDS.”

“We are too shocked by the corruption of the Akufo-Addo administration that nothing shocks us anymore so now when huge amounts of corruption happen, people don’t have the energy to talk about it again,” Mr. Mahama said.

“PDS has taken some the Electricity Company’s revenues, more than GHS200 million, and put int in the commercial bank here and that money is earning interest and we need to ask then who the interest is going to,” he added.

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Mother serpent of corruption: Amidu’s new name for Akufo-Addo trends on social media

“Mother serpent of corruption” a phrase which until the late afternoon of Friday, November 27 was uncommon to some Ghanaians, has become the most used phrase on social media since Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu used it in his second address to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Amidu, a lawyer with admirable writing skills combined to perfection, the law language and the ‘normal English’ language, in which he slapped the tag of ‘mother of serpent corruption’ on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Amidu said that he used to be a disciple of President Akufo-Addo but after working in his administration as the lead figure in the anti-corruption battle, he has come to the realization that the president is not as committed to the course as he perceived.

He furthered that he was shocked that Nana Akufo-Addo whom he trusted as the ‘Moses of anti-corruption,’ turned out to be ‘the mother serpent of corruption.

“When I met the President on 23rd October 2020, I received the shock of my life when he demanded that I took no further action on the Agyapa royalties transaction anti-corruption assessment report for another week. That was when it was divinely revealed to me that the President whom I trusted so much for integrity only looked like the innocent flower of anti-corruption but he was really the mother corruption serpent under the innocent-looking flower,” he added.

The ex-Special Prosecutor literally identified President Akufo-Addo and his Finance Minister as the brains behind the Agyapa deal which he discovered to be the greatest corruption plot in the history of the country.

“I can now say as a citizen of Ghana on the basis of the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transaction reports that the transaction was suspiciously conceived by the Minister of Finance and the Presidency and implemented to serve only a few persons within the NPP,” he said.

The use of the phrase by Amidu has resulted in its popularity on social media as Ghanaians and party supporters express divergent views on the matter.

Most of the posts have snakes with the president’s head on it to depict the image Martin Amidu intends to create with that description of the president.

Source: ghanaweb.com

Corruption makes it difficult for Nana to accept that Mahama started free SHS-NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), says the party in 2015 launched its progressively free senior high education.

Addressing the press on Thursday, the party’s Communication Director Sammy Gyamfi described President Akufo-Addo as dishonest because he knew and once praised candidate John Dramani Mahama.

He said it sounds strange for the NPP to make claims that they started the policy when documents and records point to the fact that the former administration started the policy.

He further slammed the NPP for taking the credit for solving dumsor when it was obvious Mahama solved it before leaving office.

The presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John Dramani Mahama, has posited that the Free Senior High School (Free-SHS) programme was started by the NDC government in 2015.

The former president said the current NPP government poorly implemented the programme, which forced them to adopt the double track system and that he would abolish it when voted into power.

“We started the programme and the NPP came and continued it. Unfortunately the implementation has been very poor, and so it ended us in double track. I assure you my country men, that within one year, I will cancel the double track,” Mr Mahama said at Tuobong, a community in the Tempane District of the Upper East Region.

Reacting to this, the president expressed shock.

When I promised to bring Free SHS, he said it was not possible and that I was lying to Ghanaians for their votes and that it was going to take over two decades before Ghana could implement such a policy,” he stated.

Addressing drivers and market women at the Odorkor Trotro Station in Accra he said former President Mahama before 2016 told Ghanaians that even if he had Gh₵2 billion, he would not spend it on free SHS, but use it on something better.

The President said it was shocking that the very person who said it was not possible would turn round to claim that he brought the free SHS.

However, the NDC says the president is dishonest and corrupt hence has refused to speak the truth.

Sammy Gyamfi challenged journalists to fact-check the issues and help to set the record straight.


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Ofori-Atta visited me when I was working on Agyapa Corruption Risk report – Amidu reveals

The former Special Prosecutor has revealed that the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta visited him at home when he was conducting the Corruption Risk Assessment on the Agyapa Royalty transaction.

Martin Amidu in an interview on Accra-based Citi FM, stated that the Finance Minister visitation was on Wednesday, October 21 whilst he was preparing that report.

Although, he did not disclose what they discussed, the former Special Prosecutor warned government to stop disseminating false information about his action while in office.

“The fact that you are in government doesn’t mean that when you are dissatisfied about a report, you go after the person or the fellow. The Minister of Finance has been my friend for years; why will I go for him?

“When I was writing the report, didn’t he come to this house? Was he not here on 21 October? What did I tell him? Why is he now churning our information about me and targets and all that? Should I come out? Let’s stop it and I say let’s stop it before we wash dirty linen in public,” he was categorical.

Martin Amidu on Monday tendered in a letter to resign from his post as Special Prosecutor following his appointment in 2018.

According to Mr Amidu, President Akufo-Addo was attempting to make him a “poodle” of his government and since he [Amidu] is an honourable man and a person of integrity he will refuse to let himself be compromised by partisan influence.

The President after 24 hours of receiving the letter accepted the resignation of Mr Amidu, popularly known as Citizen Vigilante, and subsequently issued a detailed reply to the concerns he raised.

In the nine-page reply, the Presidency categorically denied all the allegations the Special Prosecutor raised to explain why he wants to resign.

According to the Presidency, government did not interfere with Mr Amidu’s work, neither did it refuse to provide the necessary logistics for the Office of the Special Prosecutor to operate.

The Office of the President revealed it was rather Mr Amidu who rejected government’s accommodations, funds, and other equipment for the smooth running of the Office.

Therefore, responding the Presidency, Mr Amidu in the interview said either the attacks stop or he will be forced to protect his integrity.

“The time for reckoning has come and nobody should push me. I repeat: nobody should push me. They should tell their people, who they wrongly briefed to be telling lies about me, to stop before I decide to respond and when I decide to respond.

“I’ll do so without fear or favour, even to the extent that if my life will be taken for speaking the truth and defending the Constitution of Ghana, as by law established, I’ll do so,” he said.

Nana Addo Has A Proclivity For Corruption-Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has slammed President Akufo-Addo saying he is shielding his appointees who have been indicted in corruption scandals.

He says some appointees are closely related to him hence his inability to have them prosecuted.

The president he noted has not shown any commitment towards the fight against corruption, failed to allow the institutions in charge of corruption to deal with all cases of corruption.

Speaking on CTV, the presidential candidate of the NDC said President Akufo-Addo has failed the corruption fight.

He mentioned the Agyapa deal saying the government tied the hands of former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu when he attempted to deal with the issue.

The scandals under Akufo-Addo he said have magnified corruption but the mistake of the president is that he cleared all those who are indicted.

To him, the president has a proclivity for corruption.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mahama has said any government official who made any monetary gain from the Agyapa Royalties deal would be dealt with under his administration.

He assured Ghanaians that his administration will implement recommendations made by the Office of the Special Prosecutor in risk assessment on the deal.

According to him, the Ghana Gold Company that was established by the previous NDC government to monetize our gold royalties was 100 percent owned by Ghanaians.

“The difference is that the proposed Ghana Gold Company was going to be 100 percent owned by the government and the people of Ghana and not the Agyapa one. With the Agyapa deal, Ghana owns only 51 percent and 49 percent held by other people we don’t know. Ghana Gold Company was being registered here in Ghana but Agyapa was registered in an offshore tax haven so that the identities of the shareholders will be hidden. Civil society organizations and right-thinking Ghanaians have all expressed misgivings with this Agyapa deal. And I have said and my advice to president Akufo-Addo is that they should desist immediately from signing that deal because as we have said clearly, we are going to oppose it, and we will do everything legitimate to frustrate that agreement in the interest of Ghanaians.”

“If I become president and by the will of God, I will become president, I will not respect that agreement. They should bring that agreement back and hold a meeting with civil society organizations, the chiefs, and all the stakeholders to whom that gold royalties belong and let us achieve consensus on how we want to monetize our gold royalties and every penny that has gone underhand will be retrieved. I assure you. So they (government officials) should return those monies.”

Nana Addo Has Tainted His Integrity With Corruption Scandals – Analyst

A political analyst Mr. Michael Ebo Amoah has suggested President Akufo-Addo has lost the goodwill he had when it comes to the fight against corruption.

The lecturer says the trust Ghanaians had in the Nana Addo led administration has reduced drastically and if care is not taken, Ghanaian voters might spring a surprise against them in the 2020 polls.

He said the Nana Addo led administration has been hit by serious scandals and although these scandals may not have any serious impact on the election, the NPP should not take Ghanaians for granted.

“The person who will win the elections is already there. But the NPP themselves have a track record. Sometimes you think you have won the elections but the tables can turn. Ghanaians can sometimes show you the ‘shege’ attitude. Corruption, as it stands now, may have little or no impact. But the NPP government should not let people think that they have regretted bringing them to power”.

He said the president in 2016 won the elections because he was tagged as incorruptible and the former president lost his morality test when it came to the elections.

He said it is bad for a governing party to be hit with scandals with barely 3 weeks to an election saying Nana Addo has lost 70% of his goodwill due to the corruption scandals.

His integrity and credibility have been tainted and this may affect the voter turnout, he added.

He also explained the Office of Special Prosecutor was established purely to gain political advantage and not to necessarily fight corruption.

He was worried the NPP failed to include corruption in their manifesto-like they did in 2016.

On the establishment of the OSP, he opined that resourcing existing bodies such as CHRAJ, CID, and other bodies could have done an effective job.

According to him, he was not enthused about Amidu’s appointment considering his track record in public office.

He was speaking to Kwabena Agyapong on Eboboba on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

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Agyapa deal: Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu completes Corruption Risk Assessment

Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has completed the Corruption Risk Assessment conducted into government’s transaction with the Agyapa Minerals Royalties Limited.

According to his Office, the process was concluded as far back as October 15 and had forwarded findings of same to the Presidency and Finance Ministry on October 16.

In August this year, the OSP, as part of its mandate, requested from the Finance Ministry documents regarding the special purpose vehicle (SPV) which help the country secure about $1 billion to finance infrastructural projects.

This followed criticisms from Civil Society Organisations about red flags in the transaction.

The Minority in Parliament has described the deal as one shrouded in secrecy adding that its nature had the propensity to breed corruption, a position that government has vehemently rejected.

Dr Steve Manteaw, Chairman of the Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas demanded that the Special Prosecutor looks into allegations of nepotism in investigations into the Agyapa Royalties deal.

His comment follows the Finance Ministry’s suspension of the planned launch of the Initial Public Offer (IPO) amid Martin Amidu’s ongoing corruption risk assessment of the transaction.

In a press release Monday, Martin Amidu said, “Two weeks is more than too long for this office to continue withholding the announcement of the completion of its 64-page report to the public.”

“It is important that this office has the freedom to discharge its anti-corruption mandate and keep and keep the public informed,” the statement signed by Mr Amidu read.

The agreement which is said to be in line with the Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF) Act, 2018 (Act 978), was passed without support from the Minority in Parliament.

Meanwhile, an Initial Public Offer (IPO) which was put on hold, remains suspended ahead of the disclosure of the findings of the OSP’s corruption risk analysis meant to identify potential weaknesses which may present opportunities for corruption to occur in the arrangement.